Hyundai Blue Link
Blue Link
A World of Connections, Right in Your Pocket
Hyundai offers a system consisting of a suite of digital applications and remote services. These features are designed to keep you and your vehicle in touch, even when you’re not. BlueLink opens up a dimension of connectivity between you, your Hyundai and the world.
The BlueLink mobile app allows you to not only start your Hyundai vehicle remotely, but also turn on the heated steering wheel and set the cabin temperature.

Your smartphone becomes your key by conveniently allowing you to lock and unlock your car using the BlueLink mobile app.

The BlueLink App will become your best friend and go to for confirming if your doors are locked, unlocked or open, whether or not your trunk and hood are closed, if your vehicle is low on gas and if your engine, climate, rear defrost and heated steering wheel are on or off.
Can’t remember where you parked?
That’s okay, Hyundai has you covered. The BlueLink app will show you where you parked your car on a map as well as give you directions on how to get there. There is also a parking timer feature that allows you to set an alarm and reminder to avoid extra charges.
Don’t stress, we have you covered.
Enjoy peace of mind with SOS emergency features and Roadside assistance available all day, every day.

In the event of a collision, we’ve got you covered for that too. Your vehicle will automatically call for emergency services, so you don’t need to worry.
Diagnostics at Your Fingertips
Simplify maintenance with a vehicle health evaluation of key performance systems and driving statistics. You can track your maintenance and set reminders through the App to ensure your vehicle is well taken care of. Worried something might be off? You can access on-demand diagnostics from your vehicle’s touch screen display.