Did you Know?

  • The Ontario government offers a 5% winter tire insurance discount
  • Winter tires are made with a rubber compound that is fine-tuned for cold weather. 
  • Below 7 Celsius the tread of an all season or summer tire stiffens and becomes less able to provide sufficient traction.
  • A government study showed that over all-season radials, winter tires improve braking by 25 % and collision avoidance by 28% in winter conditions
  • Winter tires have a deep V-shaped tread that helps push snow and slush out of the way giving you more traction 
  • Purchasing rims will save you money in the long run and protect your tires from the stress of mounting and unmounting

OEM vs. universal fit Rims: a matter of safety and performance

  • Universal steel wheels do not fit the hub perfectly, this results in a gap between the hub and support is compromised.
  • Hyundai genuine wheels are designed specifically for our cars which means a perfect fit a 100% of the time. This allows the technician to torque the wheels to proper specifications.
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